Unexpected remedy for dementia

A high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can help maintain the necessary mass of the brain and slow its aging process in old age, reducing the possibility of Alzheimer's disease. To achieve the required level of fatty acids, you can use food additives. The obtained experimental studies have shown that they are able to significantly slow down the process of brain cell death, thereby rejuvenating it.

Tomatoes for the winter without sterilization: vitamin pantry. Variants of various tomato salads for the winter without sterilization

Harvesting tomato salads for the winter without sterilization, it is not at all difficult to make several dozen variants of delicious snack compositions, selecting various components and proportions of products. Tomatoes are perfectly combined with many vegetables and acquire an exquisite taste due to spices. Canned tomato salads are especially good without sterilization, since marinades enhance the delicate aroma and taste of tomatoes.

Cytomegalovirus - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Cytomegalovirus (Cytomegalovirus hominis) - DNA-containing virus, in nature and structure resembling herpes. It lives in certain cells of the human body. Cytomegalovirus is not curable! If a microorganism gets inside a person, he will remain there forever. The immune system keeps the virus under control, preventing it from multiplying and carrying its devastating effects.

Natural beauty - how to shoot extension nails at home (video). Secrets of removing acrylic and gel nails without harm to your own

When the time comes to part with impeccable artificial manicure, many women hope to cope on their own without visiting the salon. And this is quite real. The main thing is to follow some rules and then the nails will shine again. You can start with the fact that for a simple person, not a master, all worries about removing artificial turf can take up to 2 hours.

How to make a rose from a ribbon with your own hands? Step-by-step instructions with a photo: we make roses from a satin ribbon with our own hands

Graceful and elegant rose - the universally recognized queen of flowers. Legends are written about her, poems and songs are dedicated to her. In ancient Greece, a rose was considered a gift from the gods. An amazing flower emerged from the snow-white foam that covered the body of Aphrodite. The gods, fascinated by such beauty, gave him a wonderful aroma. Rosebeds are strewn with the wedding bed and the path of the victorious warriors.

Are cockerels really as aggressive as they are beautiful? And what is the chance of compatibility of males with other fish in the aquarium?

Of the 30,000 species of fish that live on our planet, aquarists breed only a few hundred. And most lovers of ichthyofauna prefer warm-water tropical fish, such as a cockerel (a real small gladiator), because they are beautiful, resilient, fertile and unusually interesting in their behavior: compatibility of males with other fish in the aquarium is not an easy task!

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The tales of the Brothers Grimm disfigure the psyche of children

Child psychiatrists believe that babies should not read the tales of the Brothers Grimm. And that's why. A collection of unedited tales by the Grimm brothers was recently released in the UK. These are the magic stories of German storytellers that came out 200 years ago. It turned out that the long-haired Rapunzel imprisoned in the tower became pregnant from the prince who saved her before the wedding, and Snow White's stepmother was an ogre.

Hamamelis - medicinal properties and uses in medicine

Witch hazel - a general description Witch hazel is nothing but a perennial shrub that can reach a height of several meters. In addition to its Latin name Hamamelis, it is also known as "Witch Hazel" and "Witch Walnut." So it was called because of the late flowering, because the fruits of the bush ripen only the next year.

In Europe, parents are raising their children worse

According to teachers in Europe, the number of students with emotional and mental health problems is growing. And this leads to a complex atmosphere in the classrooms, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. First of all, parents who give children a bad upbringing are to blame. 80% of teachers believe that the cause of the problem is the lack of restrictions at home.

Playboy star Dasha Astafieva married

Hugh Hefner's favorite, popular Playboy star beauty Dasha Astafeva seems to have gotten married. Officials Astafieva not yet confirmed the information, however, the media to all voices insist that the momentous event finally happened. The ubiquitous paparazzi noticed Dasha in the popular resort of Beruwella (Sri Lanka) in the company of an attractive man.

Planting a blackberry in the fall is right! Selection of blackberry seedlings, preparation and planting, blackberry propagation in autumn (photo)

Surely everyone knows such a berry as a blackberry. Outwardly very similar to raspberries, only black in color, it grows on the edges of forests, on the steep banks of rivers, lakes and ponds. Its berries are very tasty, juicy, well tolerate transportation and are a proven means of cancer prevention. Choosing seedlings for planting blackberries in autumn and varieties When you choose plants for planting, you need to be sure of the variety that you are buying it.

Love enhances taste

Scientists at the University of Singapore in a series of experiments came to an unusual conclusion: falling in love can make the dessert you eat much tastier. The familiar cliche about the direct relationship of love and sweetness, it turns out, has a literal meaning: thoughts about romance can make us perceive what we eat or drink more sweet than it really is.